Single phase hybrid inverter

8kW Hybrid Inverter

Growcol is committed to providing a green and intelligent one-stop energy storage solution, with independent management of photovoltaic power generation, lithium battery storage, smart electricity use, reliable grid connection etc. The compact design saves space,and slim appearance fits any aesthetic. Plug and play installation is suitable for indoor and outdoor installation. The calability of the battery modular system can be expanded to exactly you’re your energy storage demand of future.

Product Features


  • Intelligent energy management system for home
  • Intelligent energy management system for home.
  • Power dispatching and demand side response management.


  • Compatible with lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries or other battery



Battery reverse connect protection

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Sleek, light weight design with smart operation

Intelligent energy management system

Support storing energy from diesel generator

Battery reverse connect protection

Support 24/7 remote service

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