Container Energy Storage System

Specifically designed for large energy storage power stations

GT1000A-GT35 |GT1260A-GT35 | GT2000A-GT35 | GT1000A-GT35 |

Growcol’s container type energy storage booster is the core component of peak and frequency regulation of large-scale energy storage power stations. It supports multiple sets of battery input and comprehensively improves battery cycle life. In addition, the system integrates various booster systems, and support turnkey service.

Product Features

High power quality


Support multiple battery input to improve battery cycle life;
High switching frequency design, low current ripple and high power quality;

Parallel connection

Support parallel connection, expandable to MW level; Integrated converter and transformer system, it is more competitive;

High efficiency

Up to 98% conversion efficiency;
With on-grid charge and discharge, off-grid independent inverter function;
Built-in EMS function to improve energy efficiency management;

Choose our benifits

Pre-assembled design for easy installation and transportation

Strong Extensibility

AC and DC dual power backup

Meet industry-leading safety standards

Support 24/7 remote service

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