Cabinet Energy Storage System

Designed for small C&I, hospitals, conferences, weak power grid areas

Growcol’s container-type energy storage booster is the core component of peak and frequency regulation of large-scale energy storage power stations. It supports multiple sets of battery inputs and comprehensively improves battery cycle life. In addition, the system integrates various booster systems and supports turnkey service.

Product Features

High integration

  • High integration, small size, easy installation, operation and maintenance;
  • IP54 protection grade, stronger environmental adaptability

Reduce electricity cost

  • Reducing the maximum demand electricity cost, with considerable economic benefits;
  • Supporting peak shaving and valley filling, and dynamic expansion of transformers;

Temperature Control

  • Built-in fire extinguishing , temperature control, early warning system multiple security guarantees;
  • Intelligent control system, which can be connected to the local monitoring system for unified management and control;

Choose our benifits

Integrated design for easy transportation and installation

Reduce system operating costs

Can be used for a variety of backup purposes

Turnkey projects

Support 24/7 remote service

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