HESS 5kW Single Phase

Hyper- 5KW/5kWh

Growcol is committed to providing a green and intelligent one-stop energy storage solution, with independent management of photovoltaic power generation, lithium battery storage, smart electricity use, reliable grid connection etc. The compact design saves space,and slim appearance fits any aesthetic. Plug and play installation is suitable for indoor and outdoor installation. The calability of the battery modular system can be expanded to exactly you’re your energy storage demand of future.

Product Features

Backup power

  • The inverter is designed with an optimized algorithm and strong discharge capability. In the event of grid failure, the system can automatically switch and maintain a continuous back-up power supply.



Built-in energy management prioritizes consumption of PV electricity (e.g. to charge
the EV) when the sunshine is sufficient.

Peak load shaving

  • With integrated batteries, solar energy is flexibly stored for later use during peak
    hours, which reduces demand charges and energy cost.

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Independent management of photovoltaic power

Lithium battery storage

Smart electricity use

Reliable grid connection

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