Leading Solar Energy Countries

Solar might be the answer for a world hungry for energy as well as increasingly wary of the damage that power generation can cause: clean energy that’s cheap and virtually limitless. Ranking the top 10 countries with the most solar power capacity is an opportunity to look at who’s doing it.
Although these numbers only go through 2014, they are the most up-to-date available. (These numbers tell us who is generating the most raw energy from solar, not who is providing the most electricity.

The surprising thing about this list is that very small countries are on it. Germany, Japan, Italy – all of them rank higher than the US, even though our land area is much greater.

For now, solar power requires a great deal of space, so the fact that small countries are leading the way in overall capacity is impressive. It also shows how much space there is to install solar in places like the USA that have lots of open land.
The cumulative solar power capacity for the entire world is 177,003 Megawatts – enough to power over 29 million homes. The following are the top 10 solar countries in the world:

10. South Korea: 2,398 Megawatts

Solar Panels in South Korea

9. Belgium: 3,156 Megawatts

Solar Panels in Belgium

8. Australia: 4,130 Megawatts

Solar Panels in Australia

7. Spain: 5,376 Megawatts

Solar Panels in Spain

6. France: 5,678 Megawatts

Solar Panels in France

5. United States: 18,317 Megawatts

Solar Panels in The United States

4. Italy: 18,622 Megawatts

Solar Panels in Italy

3. Japan: 23,409 Megawatts

Solar Panels in Japan

2. China: 28,330 Megawatts

Solar Panels in China

1. Germany: 38,250 Megawatts

Solar Panels in Germany
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