Growcol help the global economy to realize a low-carbon transition

Residential Energy Solution

Residential energy storage solutions not only can support self-consumption, peak shaving and valley filling, but also to be the emergency backup power. Matching with rooftop photovoltaics can create considerable benefits for users. Compared with the same solutions, Growcol’s solution has obvious advantages in system safety, battery compatibility and conveniently debugging. It has become an ideal choice for many home users.

Commercial Energy Solution

Growcol provides C&I energy storage solution for large-scale industrial and commercial, intelligent buildings and industrial parks. It supports a variety of communication protocols, which can simplify the workload for SI customers to do the commissioning and installation, and shorten the delivery time. So far, over 100MW has been put into C&I energy storage systems.

Energy Storage Solution

PV-ESS-EV energy storage solution designed by Growcol can effectively solve the difficulties of the transformer capacity expansion, long construction time and efficient utilization of new energy power, and can meet the rapid charging demand in the public transport power supply stations. This solution supports self-consumption, on / off grid switching and peak load shifting.

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