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We are one of the biggest solar exporters with an emphasis on performance and quality, combined with our expert reliable after-sales services distinguishes us from our competitors and provides you with the ultimate peace of mind.
Contact us to find out what we can do for you and why you would want to use us for all of your solar needs.


Leading Solar Energy Countries
Solar might be the answer for a world hungry for energy as well as increasingly wary of the damage…
Sunseap closer to it’s clean energy goal
In late 2013, Singapore signaled its commitment to renewable energy…
Training Academy
This course was a beginners course in PV Solar design and installation, created to address the need for people and organizations and small…
An energy revolution is coming
Solar power is now cheaper than coal, according to a new study…

Exporting all over the globe.


We have projects that are cost-efficient, sustainable and a return on investment for the costumer.


Our services are quick and professional. Providing you with reliable and affordable energy solutions.


We are making significant contribution to the international energy transition.


Maintained and sustained by a team of experts, we believe the quality assurance of our products and services, is a crucial and driving factor.

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